Extrasensory Controlled Remote Viewing

Date: March 5 - May 22nd, 2021

Contact: Nicky
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This is part of the Practitioner of Holistic Health Certification, but anyone interested can attend and learn. This class will transform your consciousness to your Seventh Sense of awareness. You will learn the history, techniques & be able to practice this modality for work or self healing. Remote Viewing offers a path to Self-Inquiry and Self-Realization that will expand your limited awareness of the consciousness shared by all humans.

Extrasensory controlled remote viewing is an advanced psychic ability that will allow you to mentally see information hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It is an activity whereby a remote viewer tunes in to an object, location, or event inaccessible by normal means—regardless of time, distance, or location.

Extrasensory Controlled Remote Viewing

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