Feng Shui Foundation Course with Vicky Sweetlove

Date: June 5 - August 7th, 2021

Contact: Vicky Sweetlove
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Feng Shui Society approved Foundation Course with Vicky Sweetlove

held at Islington, London on the 5th June to 6th June 2021 or 7th and 8th August 2021 £360.00 for two days training.

Feng Shui changes every year and it is advisable to be aware of the energetic changes to each lifestyle sector of your home and know which sector will work to your advantage to be able to feng shui your own home.

The course will include:

  • The Five elements
  • Yin and yang balance
  • Feng Shui recommendations- health, wealth, career and relationships
  • How the landscape affects the energy of your home – the four celestial animals
  • how to lay the compass directions on a floor plan of your home/office
  • How to use a compass for door directions.
  • Know how to use your personal Bazi four pillar chart
  • Know the best directions for sitting, sleeping and working
  • Symbology in your home – its effects on your life
  • EMF/Wifii Environmental energies -have a healthy home
  • Clutter clearing and how it affects your life symbolically
  • Where the yearly afflictions are and the affects
  • Feng Shui Goal Map for your future
  • Geopathic Stress – the effects on your feng shui and your wellbeing

At the end of the course you will be able to Feng Shui your own home and if you wish to take further training to practitioner status then you can go on to take Vicky’s Feng Shui Practitioner Course approved by the IFSG

For more information contact Vicky www.fengshuilife.co.uk or email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Feng Shui Foundation Course with Vicky Sweetlove

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