Foot Therapy 4 Ways

Date: November 14 - December 12th, 2020

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Foot Therapy 4 Ways 2 DAYS TRAINING PRACTITIONERS DIPLOMA £250 Entry Requirement: - None - The training day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm for both days

Please read terms and conditions for HSHT before embarking on any course This Foot therapy treatment is designed for therapist who would like to add additional therapies to their treatment menus.

This course covers 4 ways in which you can add additional treatments to what you already offer or as an express service on its own. You will cover how to apply a soothing massage treatment using your hands, also using hot basalt stones, in addition using Himalayan warm salt stones, this will include exfoliation of the foot using the salts and lastly using a range of crystal palms and spheres. That along with 4 methods of mediums, these are carrier oils, pre-blended oils, candle massage and massage creams.

Course Criteria: This Course has 4 Units to Complete along with 8 Case Studies, a Questionnaire and a Practical Assessment Contents Unit 1: Professional Standards Unit 2: Your Professional Working Environment Unit 3: Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field Unit: 12 Foot Therapy 4 Way

Foot Therapy 4 Ways

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