From Fear Into Love

Date: February 4 - April 22nd, 2021

Contact: Shannon O'Flaherty
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'From Fear Into Love' is a profound twelve week online accredited healing/spiritual coaching course that will help you discover, identify and release the deepest roots of your subconscious limiting beliefs and habitual programming that are triggering you and holding you back in life. You want to use your gifts but don't quite know how to get started? This class will shift every aspect of your life.

We begin with the root chakra in the first week and work our way up through all 7 of them (two weeks for the Throat chakra as it is our communication center and how we express ourselves in life) and the 8th spiritual Wiracocha energy center. Then we go into Kundalini Energy and the Mer Ka Ba, How to Have a Mind-Shift Call (in other words how to talk to a potential client), How to Give A Talk and Demo and finally the complete Healing process. The last couple of classes really cement in all the training.

Everyone needs a coach and mentor, to hold you accountable and see you in your highest potential. You will learn how to remain in alignment regardless of the situation and help your clients and loved ones do the same. The time for total clarity is now. Consider this class like spiritual plumbing! You will shift in week one.


  • all about the chakra system and which organs and belief systems are related to each one
  • receive healing during the class and discover how to clear your limiting beliefs yourself
  • to work energetically with other people, in person and from a distance
  • foetal memories and oaths from past lives will be cleared
  • heal your ancestral line
  • have guided meditations
  • soul retrieval
  • have tools and techniques to apply immediately and use for the rest of your life
  • clear fear, guilt, shame, confusion, anger, and understand where it came from
  • experience forgiveness, understanding, connection, self-love
  • Your perception will change and your communication skills will improve

From Fear Into Love

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