Healing the Lost Children-Weekend Workshop

Date: August 15 - 16th, 2020

Contact: Paul O'Halloran
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Having worked with Shamanic healing for over 30 years, it has been Grey Elk’s (Paul O’Halloran’s) experience that a lot of women still hold on to these souls and the trauma of unborn souls that they have lost in various ways. This not only effects the mothers but also the fathers and the other children in the family too. These souls can be from miscarriage, abortion, death, past lives, Ancestral lines and the traumas are often still held in the lineage of the Mothers and Fathers.

The lineage of the family can often be distorted and sometimes out of line by the little earthbound Spirit because they leave a space or void that is not filled. The other little children may sometimes try to fill the space and they don’t know who they are as they are picking up the energy of the lost soul. Unfortunately, these traumas can sometimes manifest as finding ourselves in difficult life situations and can be destructive and hard to live with. In releasing the souls from the Ancestral lines and sending them to their proper place in the universe, we can reclaim that part of ourselves that has been lost along with them and begin to live a fuller life on our true path in Divine order. In the process of letting go there is big healing for both the mother and father, the soul of the baby and the lineage of the family. We have wanted to do these workshops for a long time and we are so happy they have been running.

These are incredibly special days of very deep healing and releasing and this is done in a very sacred, safe and respectful space for everyone there.

For more information on our work visit www.pathwayteaching.com The cost of the weekend workshop is 230 euro. This includes lunch and refreshments. A 50 euro non-refundable, non- exchangeable deposit is required to hold the place as they are limited. We ask that you please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or cant make it. Thank you. To book please follow this link: https://pathwayteaching.as.me/Healing-the-Lost-

IPHM accredited workshop

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