Date: October 14th, 2021 - 14th, 2022

Contact: Lindsay Horsley
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OCTOBER 14TH 10- 3pm

To understanding the concept what is really going on within our homes and workplaces that cause ongoing problems and illness by discovering detrimental energies using and working with your dowsing skills. (Pendulums)

Level 1 and Level 2 Dowsing will of given you the foundation to complex healing and training over a 12 month period to clear and remove these problematic areas.
Detrimental energies affect our health and well-being and the course is provided with care and professionalism. You will obtain a Practitioners Diploma to continue to help many who do not understand the invisible energies that exist within our homes land or workplaces.
some of the areas covered are as follows.

Geopathic stress, Ley lines, negative human energy fields, Earth bound attachments, lost and trapped spirit, power objects negative emotions left from divorced homes or left from previous occupants, disruptive sleep patterns, increase in tiredness, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, anger, depression and so much more which contribute to exaggerated illnesses that is increasing.
Along with TVs, microwaves, mobile phones, smart meters, sub stations, overhead pylons, WIFI, widgets and 5G. These. EMFS are also reducing our bodies ability to keep a healthy strong Auric field.
.These all have a negative impact on the human body and our well-being.
It's a vast and fascinating subject to learn about and is for those who have a good understanding of using a pendulum.if you are new to using a pendulum I recommend dowsing level 1 and 2 prior as your starting point.

All work is conducted in a safe environment and a strict code is followed by the BSD.
DIPLOMA COURSE IS £2100 -£175 per session A None refundable deposit OF £350 will secure your place and this is deducted from your first and final course session. course payments are made in advance to course dates. please use paypal to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


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