Indian Face massage practitioner course

Date: November 23rd, 2020 - 30th, 2021

Contact: lindsay wild
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Indian Face practitioner course.

Facial massage is an important procedure in the daily lives of many Indian people. They believe that it encourages healing, restores balance and inner harmony and encourages bonding within the family. No expensive equipment or products are needed. It is performed by using repetitive movements across the face using the fingertips. Imagine your fingers as an iron, pressing, smoothing and reducing the lines on the face. Not only is it relaxing and calming but it also reduces lines, tightens the skin, increases skin elasticity, promotes blood flow to the face and leaves the recipient feeling contented.

As we get older our skin loses some of its elasticity. Indian Face Massage gently removes the toxic build up to loosen the fibres and increase elasticity. The techniques used in Indian Face Massage come from Ayurveda.

The Aim Of The Course;

This course will provide you with all the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to deliver a confident, professional, Indian Face Massage.

Knowledge and understanding gained in the course;

Understand why Indian Face Massage is an anti ageing facial.

Know how to carry out an Indian face massage safely and know the contraindications when not to deliver this face massage.

know the techniques used in Indian Face massage.

Know the anatomy and physiology of the facial muscles, bones and lymph system.

Know and understand the energy techniques involved in the subtle energy and Reiki delivered within this facial massage.

Be able to deliver this Indian Face Massage within a commercially viable time.

This course is suitable for :

Beauty and Holistic therapists wishing to further extend or refresh their skills and to continually develop professionally to be able to offer this rejuvenating and anti ageing facial.

Or for anyone wanting to have an introduction into working within the world of holistic therapies and discover their learning potential.

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