Inner Child Workshop

Date: January 22 - 26th, 2021

Contact: Dr Geetanjali Saxena
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Dr Geetanjali is an Inner child therapist and trainer since 2008, trained by Trisha Caetano the pioneer of Inner child therapy. Dr Geetanjali is also one of the six trainers to be trained by Trisha in India.

The concept of "the inner child" is that deep within each of us is the memory of the child outgrown. And this "inner child" continues to live and interact with the present, even as it reflects the past. The inner child is the source of a person's vitality and creativity.

Developing a relationship with your inner child can also heal emotional problems that result from not honouring that part of yourself or even damage from a traumatic childhood.

Who can attend?

1. Who are interested in healing their childhood wounds to transform the adult that they are today.

2. Who are interested in becoming good parents and teachers or anyone who wants to work with children.

3. Who are looking for inner transformation and spiritual growth by discovering their true selves completely devoid of all illusions and pretences.

A more active way to connect with your inner child and earlier life traumas is through visualization.

To connect with your inner child through visualization, contact Dr Geetanjali Saxena Connect with us on 9322127722 or write to us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or visit our website 

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