Introductory Experience Into The World of Bi-Aura® Therapy Bio-Energy Healing

Date: October 10th, 2020

Contact: Bi-Aura® International
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You Have Healing Hands! We invite you to enjoy yourself at our taster session of Bi-Aura®Therapy. Discovery the theory and practice of bio-energy healing! Learn to feel the energy! Discover your healing abilities! Find out if a career as Bi-Aura®Therapy practitioner is right for you! Our exciting and fun introductory 3 hour event is on its way to you at your location or online.

Do you have a desire to learn and experience what is energy therapy and how to work with it? Our qualified instructors have much to share with you as they introduce you to the concepts and practices of bio-energy therapy. At this workshop, you can: be introduced to ancient, effective methods for healing experience sensing and directing energy learn about the body’s bio-field learn about the chakra system participate in energy-enhancing exercises learn some of the fundamental philosophies of holistic healing take home the ability to practice some simple and effective Bi-Aura techniques witness Bi-Aura® Therapy in action receive a beautiful guided meditation to help you feel relaxed and aligned with your well-being.

This three-hour introductory experience into the world of Bi-Aura® Therapy will give you a transforming experience in bio-energy healing, and it will provide every opportunity to find out if our in-depth Bi-Aura® Therapy diploma training course is for you. Please complete and submit the registration form available on our website with your payment to secure your space on our next day workshop!

Sign up for our 10 October 2020 London experience at Regent’s College before September 10, 2020 and receive a £10 discount bringing the amount from £45 to £35! Sign up at the same time with a friend, and you each pay £30!

Introductory Experience Into The World of Bi-Aura® Therapy Bio-Energy Healing

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