Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma Healing with Akashic Records

Date: April 19 - May 9th, 2021

Contact: Karishma Manchanda
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In addition to our own karma, we are hampered by ancestral memories, attitudes, and beliefs that are not necessarily ours. Fortunately, some extraordinary new crystals have appeared which help us to quickly and easily break lineages and clear our ‘junk DNA’, without having to relive the trauma of karmic history. This important level helps you identify your inner child and ancestral patterns which need to be healed. With the assistance of karmic clearing learned in the next level, it is possible to heal far back into the genealogical line and our own karmic past. The healing is then projected forward into the future so that generations to come can have the benefit of garnered soul and ancestral wisdom but without the baggage. Our present life blessings and suffering have their origins in past karma specifically Prarabdha Karma. Prarabdha Karma is the part of sanchita karma, a collection of past karmas, which are ready to be experienced through the present life. A lot of this gets manifested as Inner Child Wounds and Sacred Wounds we inherit from our previous generations as Pitra Dosh. Sometimes, the vows and oaths were taken by our ancestors’ which flows to us as epigenetics play its game on our DNA. This workshop serves the basis for karmic clearing, soul integration, and healing of the family tree.

Program Structure
1. Understanding the role of epigenetics in development of inner child and ancestral karma.
2. Emotional legacies we receive from our parents and how it moulds our inner child.
3. Inner Child Healing and getting to the root cause of the inner child wounds with Akashic Records.
4. Transgenerational Karma and dysfunctional family dynamics.
5. Healing the maternal wounds and understanding the paternal wounds.
6. Evaluating your soul contracts with parents and ancestors. Clearing Karma with parents.
7.Getting to the root cause of Ancestral Karma and understanding the choice to become a part of this lineage in Life between Lives stage.
8. Heal Womb Karma

Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma Healing with Akashic Records

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