Magnified Healing Workshop

Date: January 30 - 31st, 2021

Contact: Dr Geetanjali Saxena
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Magnified Healing®, Phase One is a wonderful high dimensional healing technique that brings us beautifully into our hearts, connected to our higher-self feeling whole and at peace. It helps us to clear any lower energy, brings in the ‘higher light’, helping us to connect with our higher selves, our purpose, the universe, and the earth.

The training is beneficial to healers and beginners alike and no previous experience in healing is required, just a desire to broaden your perspective, connect with your higher self and to build and share your light. One of the things I love about it is that whatever stage you’re at on your journey, the energy of the technique meets you at that place and takes you to the next level, daily! So it suits beginners and spiritual seekers alike.


You do not need to be initiated into any other form of healing to pursue this course e.g. reiki, bio energy healing etc…

A knowledge and understanding of basic metaphysical terms such as karma, spiritual centers (chakras), Hierarchy, Three-Fold Flame, Violet Fire, Ascension.

To consult Dr. Geetanjali, please contact on 9322127722 or visit our website .

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