Online Meditation Course - training the mind for self-mastery

Date: August 31 - November 2nd, 2020

Contact: Renato Koch
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This Course is a perfect blend of ancient knowledge about the meditative states and practice with the modern and scientific findings about the meditation benefits, with simple and effective practices that just require a genuine effort and discipline.

Our certified live online meditation course consists of: - 30hrs of training to be done over 10 weeks - Every Monday 3hs online through zoom; - Pdf Booklet to be provided in parts one chapter per week; - gradual advance learning and practice over the 10 weeks program; - 2 to 3 meditation to be practiced per week having 25 meditations to be trained during the course; - Support Whatsapp Group to share all the weekly meditations and follow up on the daily practice; - recording of the zoom session; Follow the topics to be discussed every week that will be followed by the meditation guidance:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness, benefits and the power of our breath
  • Week 2 – The human mind (conscious and subconscious mind) & brain waves – a meditative journey
  • Week 3 – Meditation in the light of Yoga – the path for self-realization
  • Week 4 – Japa Meditation (Mantras) - focus and withdraw from your mind and senses
  • Week 5 – Understanding Chakras (energy centers) – meditation to purify our energy centers and endocrine system
  • Week 6 – Our Koshas (layers within our human existence) – Meditation to purify our energy bodies and energy field
  • Week 7 – From Tao to Buddhism – Vipassana Meditation
  • Week 8 – Heart & Mind Coherence (Harmonizing your brain and heart connection)
  • Week 9 – The power and mastery of your intention
  • Week 10 – The power of visualization – creating your future When: Every Monday from 31st of August to 2nd of November Time: 7 to 10pm - (Dubai Time GMT +4) Where: Online through zoom Price: AED2,500 Early bird of AED2,200 until the 24th of August Booking through the link above 


IPHM Accredited meditation Course

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