Padmini Dhanvarsha

Date: October 30 - December 30th, 2021

Contact: Dr. Ganesh Dubey
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Padmini Dhanvarsha ( Online Event)
“ Ya devi sarva bhuteshu laxmi rupena samsthita namastasye namastasye namastasye namo namah”
Dr Ganesh Dubey-PHD (Tantracharya & Spiritual Guru) founder of Agnitra Foundation bestows boon in form of Money Totka’s and powerful Siddhi’s for Dhanvarsha this Diwali.
Join us and welcome Dhan, Ashwariya, Riddhi, Vriddhi and Siddhi into your life.
Highlights of the Program:
1. Learn Diwali Poojan through Puranic and Vedic Vidhi of Mantra’s, Ritual’s and Sadhana.
2. Gain financial freedom to open the doors for abundance in the Supreme Diwali.
3. Let not your debts of Past Life, Past Karmic effects and Various Dosha’s encroach your present life, in your pinnacle of prosperity, happiness, wellness and abundance.
4. Resolves all financial issues.
5. Removes all obstacles and hurdles related to career and business.
6. Helps you achieve success in all ventures of life.
7. This puja gives youpower, success and prosperity
8. Havan exclusively done by Guruji for abundance and prosperity for you and your loved ones.
We will attune you to various Sadhana and Siddhi’s
• Maa Mahalaxmi Sadhana
• Nidhi Ganpati Sadhana
• Vak Devi Saraswati Sadhana
• Money and Protection Totkas for Diwali
Energy Exchange: 3333/- (Including E certificate)
Contact: +919958659179, +91 9867071108, 011 40044339

Padmini Dhanvarsha

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