Phase One, Soma Energetics Therapist Training using Solfeggio Tuning forks

Date: June 11 - 12th, 2021

Contact: Sandira Michael
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Details: Hands-on Experience with the Energy Vitality Technique Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks – a Soma Energetics Exclusive 12 Hours of Training, over two day PowerPoint & 60+ Page Manual Workshop Costs: Course Fee: £500 including course material & Energy Tuners. Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner Program Available Technical Course Description: The student will learn what the Solfeggio frequencies are & the theoretical relevance of Pythagorean numerical reduction to the Solfeggio frequencies. Through direct experience and group exercise, the student will learn what frequency attunement is & explore techniques of ear reception, point stimulation and learn the energy vitality technique. A complete set of protocols for using the forks in any client-centred setting.

This course will include a review of empirical research detailing the relationship between these therapies, sound and matter, and client health and/or therapeutic goals. Those taking this course will be able to discuss the relevance of Cymatics, the contemporary study of wave phenomena and vibration engineered by Hans Jenny, to frequency attunement in particular, and Soma Energetics, more broadly. Lecture material includes a review of the human energetic profile and learning how each Solfeggio frequency is associated with a particular energy centre. In addition to lecture, this 12 hour course provides an instructor-supervised practicum opportunity for hands-on training, to enable each student to practice and demonstrate proficiency with the energy vitality technique protocols.

Successful completion of course requirements includes attendance of all 12 hours of course instruction and submission of a completed course evaluation form. Students participating in this course will be able to use these protocols immediately within their massage or bodywork practice, or as a stand-alone set of therapeutic protocols. Course includes a 60+ page manual. Any questions please call 07940804098 ​

Phase One, Soma Energetics Therapist Training using Solfeggio Tuning forks

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