Reflexology Zones day Accredited course.

Date: January 24th, 2021

Contact: Sharon Anne Thomas
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This is a one day “stand alone” course for those interested in reflexology and is an introduction to our 3 day course. Students will learn to appreciate how the feet mirror the body and how, by working the Zones, they can stimulate the systems of the body and bring about balance and harmony.

Following the pioneering work of William FitzGerald, who mapped the 10 Longitudinal Zones and Shelby Riley, who mapped the 10 Horizontal Zones, Reflex Zone Therapy is the very first therapy where the soles of the feet were stimulated offering the client pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, balance and calm.

The course is dedicated to hands-on practice ensuring students are able to carry out a treatment confidently, safely and effectively.

Students who complete this one day Reflex Zone Therapy Course may upgrade to Reflexology at a later date and will ONLY need to complete days 2 and 3 of the Reflexology Diploma course.

An Anatomy and Physiology qualification is not a requirement for Reflex Zone Therapy but will be required should a student wish to study for the full Reflexology Diploma.

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