Reiki level I

Date: October 22 - November 15th, 2020

Contact: gosiah72
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By entering the path of Reiki, you will start an amazing journey of self-discovery, you will enter the path of development, healing and love. Reiki can be practiced by anyone. Each new level of Reiki allows you to develop further, leading you to fulfill your natural potential, allowing you to be a healing light for yourself and others. Reiki is not related to any religious dogma, nor is it based on any belief or suggestion. It is based on the direct experience of those who practice it.

All Reiki courses are certified and internationally accredited. Classes are held online one to one. There is a theoretical part lasting 7 hours. And a practical part on the webcam, which lasts 3 hours. Each adept receives an initiation during which he becomes connected to the Universal Source - the energy of love. Initiation is performed Online. Classes are held once a week or twice. After completing the course, everyone receives a certificate and diploma as well as a booklet with the processed material. First degree course program -History of Mikao Usui -Main issues on Reiki: diagnosis and treatment selection. -Basics of work with energy health and safety -We discuss and analyze the validity of the 5 main principles created by Emperor Meijini, which were used by Mikao Usui. -We analyze hand systems Zento-bu or the top of the forehead Sokuto-bu temples Koutou-bu forehead and occipital chakra Enzui-bu both sides of the neck Toucho-bu crown chakra. -We learn the technique of 7 healing hands (Iyashi NoTe) -We discuss how to perform treatments on yourself and other main rules -We are learning how to approach the full procedure - we get to know other methods - navel method of healing - blood purification - flapping -healing with the breath - We discuss chakras, aura, types of energy bodies -We discuss how to make Reiki for animals In addition, we learn about the symbolism of colors that support various treatments. -We discuss mantras related to the chakras - We learn to select

Reiki level I

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