Soul Energy Regression Therapy (SERT)

Date: April 14 - 18th, 2021

Contact: Trace Robins
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Module 1 of 5 modules. Fully Residential Training. The School of Energy’s approach to Regression Therapy training focuses on the ‘whole person’, that is the physical, emotional and spiritual attributes along with the person as an energetic entity. This means that the Diploma training covers not just the foundations and fundamentals of Regression and its applications, but the energetic associations that are also involved. (Energy management, psychic development and Protection). The Diploma includes more than 200 hours of private study and tutor led practical and experiential sessions and is suitable for both students who are already working as complimentary therapists and those with no prior knowledge of Regression. The main prerequisite is that students must have completed a foundation certificate in Hypnosis before they can commence this Diploma training.

Soul Energy Regression Therapy (SERT)

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