Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Certification

Date: October 15th, 2020 - December 31st, 2021

Contact: Simone Vitale
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A comprehensive, one-year training in the art of Sound Therapy.

Sound Therapy is an ideal, non-invasive healing modality that complements traditional medicine and alternative disciplines as well as being a therapeutic modality in its own right.

Become a unique Sound Therapist
This comprehensive Sound Therapy Practitioner Training will accompany you on your journey of developing your unique way of working with Sound in a therapeutic setting.

The main emphasis is on your personal development of a deep connection with the element of Sound through guidelines and protocols that are designed to be flexible and adaptable.

While the focus of this training is mainly on one-on-one sessions, everything you learn will enrich and can be applied to your work with groups.

This Training will teach you to:

Work with Sound therapeutically in a confident and competent way

  • Be able to provide and hold a safe healing space
  • Develop the inner qualities and interpersonal skills necessary to work with others
  • Grow and develop yourself as you embody your connection with the element of Sound

Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Certification

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