Spiritual & Psychic Development 8 Week Course

Date: May 30 - July 18th, 2021

Contact: Jessica May
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This March, the online doors for Jessica May's Learning Academy open! 

Starting 30th May, the opening course will be a foundation in Spiritual & Psychic Development.

This course is not designed to qualify you as a spiritual soul, (we do not need paperwork for this) it is however to accredit you. In the Soul of Equus Healing Learning Academy, we feel it is far more important for people to show understanding & to work with this gift to the best of their abilities. With great power comes great responsibility, using your power through ego, not through truth or your soul, would be a wasted gift. Jessica May is passionate to deliver the tools to her students so that they can best understand what it means to be a messenger of Divine light.

This is the beginning of your journey, not just spiritually, but that of awareness for the energy of each other & the Universe we are in.

During the course you will be asked to do 3 modules, these will need completing before you are signed off from the course. They are nothing to worry about and should actually provide you with some fun, whilst expanding your psychic abilities. All modules can be returned via email.

The important thing to remember is that you are on this course because you are ready to work with Spirit, your intuition tells you that now is the right time. All you have to do is trust in yourself and the rest will click into place. 

All students who pass will receive a free gift, as well as continued support after the course.

Spiritual & Psychic Development 8 Week Course

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