Women's Circle Facilitator Training Course

Date: March 18 - July 26th, 2021

Contact: Clarissa Strickland
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Women's Circle Facilitator Training

I have kept this course simple, relevant, evidence based where appropriate and to the point. You can use these skills for many different types of Women's circle from paid Moon Circles, to voluntary peer support groups. 

The bare bones knowledge that will set you up from day one on the right track is all included in my course. So you can get started (upon certification and obtaining insurance) hosting your own online or face to face women's circles with complete confidence and give client trust that you take your sister circles seriously. You want to be supporting as best you can.

Your skills will just keep on growing after that when you put your knowledge into practice.

You will be training in Circle with other ladies hungry to make a difference and help support women. You will either feel called to this or you won't, you cannot force the desire to hold space for other women. It is not a calling for everyone, and that is why you will know when you hear it!! 

I am hosting this valuable training Live on Zoom on a Monday evening 7pm to 9pm commencing Monday 3rd May 2021.

Sessions will be recorded but you will be expected to attend Live sessions as it is important to maintain the group dynamic. And the course is interactive. You will love our time together I have lots to share with you.

For further information including course and module outline, pricing and payments plans, please complete the interest form found by clicking the link with this listing and I will contact you with further information about joining this Women's Circle Facilitator Training. 

Please also feel free to email me any questions you may have. 

Women's Circle Facilitator Training Course

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